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The College Crest comprises an open book, a burning lamp, a plough together with a grain plant, a trading vessel, a balance and wheel.

The Plough with the wheat plant emblematizes the agrarian mode of production in India. The ear of corn, beside incorporating the idea of fertility, is also symbolic of germination and growth, of the actualization of the potential.

The pair of scales on the right represents both the external justice and inner judgment. Humans must, after the model of the scales, balance out their inner tendencies. As a symbol of inner harmony and intercommunication between left side - the unconsciousness and the matter - and the right - the consciousness or spirit - it reflects 'conjunction'.

The wheel denotes the passage of time, progress and evolution. It is also suggestive of law, truth and life. hindu doctrine declares that God resides in the centre, at that point where radii of a wheel meet at it axis.

The Trading vessel mirrors the maritime glories of Odisha. It is also an exteriorization of an unsatisfied longing of an urgent desire for discovery and change.

The Book and the burning lamp at the top are emblematic of intelligence and spirit. They are the manifestations of "morality, principle and spiritual strengths"

The Crest as a whole is a vindication of and plea for creative Life that synthesizes three aspects of human personality - body, mind and spirit.


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